Our Approach

We are not your typical Baptist congregation.

We are a part of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, our ministers will wear robes, we will sing from hymnals, and listen as the pipe organ resonates around the walls.

We will hear sermons from women and men who have been called to proclaim, we will celebrate our children taking active roles in our worship services, and we will have a rich variety of God’s children coming together for time in our Maker’s presence.

Whether they are educated, unemployed, well-to-do, hungry and hurting, questioning, or striking out with Christ on a newfound journey, all of God’s children will have a home here.

In this community of believers there is a bond that enriches, that satisfies, and that sustains. We invite you to come and see, come and share in this for yourself.

Creating Uncommon Worship

Richard Giles

By simply gathering on the Lord’s day, as Christians have done from the first days, by forming a genuine community not just in word but in deed, the assembly bucks the trend of society. In doing so we are allowing ourselves to be shaped by God, and thereby place ourselves in a position to offer humankind fresh hope. Gathering for worship releases the gifts within us and enables us to rise towards our full human potential.

Room Around the Table

The Communion Table at First Baptist Church is a prominent element in our worship, both visually and symbolically.

We believe that there is room around this table, God’s table, for everyone.

As a child of God, you are welcome to worship at First Baptist, regardless of…. Corporate worship is a community of faith gathered together in response to God’s presence among them. This is the primary act of our congregation; it defines and unites us. As such, we believe it is something that should be experienced together as a church family.

Our Sunday morning worship service follows the lectionary and celebrates the significant seasons of the church year (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost).

Colors for the Christian Year

The Christian year is a cycle beginning with Advent (the four Sundays prior to Christmas) and concluding with Christ the King Sunday in late November.

Each season or significant Sunday is symbolized with a color.

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~ Blue, a color associate with the Virgin Mary and considered a color of hope, is used during Advent, a season of anticipation.
~ White and gold, colors of joyous celebrations and purity, are used during the Christmas and Easter seasons and on festive Sundays such as Transfiguration, Trinity, All Saints, and Christ the King.
~ Green, a color of growth, is used in the seasons after the Epiphany and after Pentecost, except when special days call for white.
~ Purple, a color of both penitence and royalty, is used during the preparatory season of Lent.
~ Red is a color of fire, symbolizing the Holy Spirit. It is used on the Day of Pentecost and at other times when the work of the Holy Spirit is emphasized.